Habla AI Bronze SaaS Platform

Find and act on important Project Team information on-demand. Anywhere. Anytime.

Search across all your Project Team Storage Clouds

Integrate all your Storage Cloud Files

How much time do you spend context switching and going between many apps and tools in your Project Team each workday? ... Read More

Data Integrations

Perform Smart Search™

How many hours per week or month do you spend looking for the right files across all your Project Team apps and tools? ... Read More

Knowledge Graphs

Perform Advanced Filtering and Sorting

How many times have you had 2 or more people work on files only to save them with the same file name in multiple directories ... Read More

Advanced Filters and Sorting

Visualize, Link and Graph the Data you Need

Build Knowledge Graphs

How would you like to visualize and manipulate ALL your data on one Enterprise Knowledge Cloud platform easily instead of long ... Read More

Knowledge Graph

Time Activity and Smart List Views

How would you like to see your data in a clear and beautiful and easy to understand User Experience that your Users love? ... Read More

Smart List

Build Industry Knowledge Graphs

How would you like to automate the Knowledge Graphing of your Manufacturing Industry Uptime and Downtime historical data and ... Read More

Industry Knowledge

Work in Powerful Data Driven Project Teams

Empower Project Team Knowledge

How much time do you spend using others as your ‘personal search engine?’ How many conference calls or meetings or emails or ... Read More

Direct Messages

Conduct Video Calls and Messaging

How many times have you wanted to take data-driven decisions as a Project Team discussing them in real-time context of the data? ... Read More

Knowledge Graphs

Maintain "One Version of the Truth"

How many times have you worked on files with 2 or 3 other co-workers, only to find out that you all made changes to documents ... Read More

Version of Truth

Why use Habla AI for your Project Team and How it Works.

Well, it’s simple. With one Knowledge Graph, integrated Smart Search and data for Project Teams globally, you can greatly minimize wasting hours each month searching and retrieving company information. We also measure your ROI success and productivity of your Users with the Habla AI Productivity Index. Users take a 15 second productivity survey on Day 1 and Day 30 and we measure your company and project team gains. We provide this to you in an HAI Knowledge Graph = HAI Productivity Index. On-demand anytime.

Product Comparison Table

This is a summary of a Full Feature and Function Comparison Table of Habla AI and other 7 Knowledge Management Tools. See the Full Product Comparison Page Here.

Main Features Habla AI Microsoft Delve Google Graph/Search Oracle Search Coveo Salesforce Box Dropbox
Data Integrations
Smart Search
Knowledge Graphs
Industry Knowledge Graphs
Project Team Based Management
Advanced Data Filtering and Sorting