Empower Project Team Knowledge

How much time do you spend using others as your ‘personal search engine?’ How many conference calls or meetings or emails or slack messages do you have to send to find that one file your team needs??

Central to Habla AI is our customer-driven concept of Project Teams and their Knowledge Clouds. The data you each place as a member of a Project Team is relevant to its Team Members on that Team. The Saliency of data. The Relevance of files. These are foundational to our Knowledge Cloud platform at Habla AI and our customers’ Project Teams.

Only relevant data integrations, Knowledge Graphs, and specifically invited Team Members can collaborate on the most important data the Team needs. Sharing by Folder Level, File Level, User Level and ensuring that only the right data are shared at the right time and Project Team level is intrinsic to our Project Teams architecture. We also built Threaded Conversations into our Project Teams and direct URL or URI file link sharing so Project Team Members can have very meaningful conversations inside the context of the Project Team data, Knowledge Graphs, and Smart Search - Focus on the Team objectives and goals. This empowers Project Teams to be truly data-driven - with the right data and knowledge.

Demo of this feature