Perform Powered Search of All Files

How many hours per week or month do you spend looking for the right files across all your Project Team apps and tools?

HAI Smart Search™ is the next generation of Search for Project Teams based upon our proprietary Smart Search™ engine with Exact Match™ technology. Take the guessing out of finding “dark data” within your Project Team – whether a small group with 20 people or a Fortune 500 company with 10,000. Unlike basic search in some of the tools you already use in the everyday apps and tools you use, try our proprietary Exact Match™ and Case Sensitivity to get to the right data you need very fast.

Take all your Project Team apps’ and tools’ data and integrate them into Smart Search™ through these data integrations simultaneously on the Habla AI Platform. Our Smart Search™ shows results and filters by our proprietary metadata algorithms that narrow down results for you quickly and effectively. Find the right files and data by filtering based upon metadata, Users, files, file types, data integrations and sources, and our recommended global User, File, Folder, permissions, and URL metadata most used amongst Project Team app users. This enables you to find the right data faster than ever. FIND THE RIGHT DATA, RIGHT AWAY!

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