Conduct Video Calls and Direct Messaging

How many times have you wanted to take data-driven decisions as a Project Team discussing them in real-time context of the data??

This is now a reality with Habla AI. We built Project Team based Video Calls and threaded conversations into our platform so our Knowledge Cloud Users can talk directly in the context of the Project Team data they are working with.

Share deep URI or URL links to files, data, folders, documents regardless of data integration. A 25 User Project Team can now discuss the top priorities and data-driven work requirements inside the Project Team with all the team data from all data integrations and industry knowledge graphs. Share files relevant to Project Team goals. Maintain a consistent chain of recorded actions and personal commitments that are all data-driven team by team without the constant switching tax of going from one Project Team app or data cloud and tools to another. Data-driven threaded conversations in Project Teams… the right approach to collaborative Project Team Knowledge Management.

Demo of this feature