Build Knowledge Graphs

How would you like to visualize and manipulate ALL your Project Team data on one Knowledge Cloud platform easily instead of long lists of files in each and every tool you use?

Knowledge Graphs are the sister to Habla AI Smart Search™. Visualizing the actual data you need with co-workers regardless of time zone, location, or language is highly valuable to Users.

Imagine Project Teams of 25 Users working in 6 world time zones using Box and GDrive to collaborate on and share thousands of Product Design, Management, eBOM, mBOM, mfg data files in single Knowledge Graphs and Smart Search™ views. Users can link directly to the files from Habla AI into the app or data cloud a Project Team uses, share the files, and see the right version of the truth quickly. Even better, a User does not need to have a license for one Project Team app or tool to be able to see another User’s files in the Knowledge Graphs or in Smart Search™.

Demo of this feature