Maintain "One Version of the Truth"

How many times have you worked on files with 2 or 3 other co-workers, only to find out that you all made changes to documents but did NOT change the file name and saved them in different folders or directories??

This happens every day in our experience and according to our customers - whether a 20 person law firm or a Fortune 100 company of 12,000 employees. Data is duplicated, reproduced, moved around from folder to folder, directory to directory until we’re unable to easily find it… and we spend 15 minutes per file looking through shared Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, Dropbox, Salesforce, etcetera folders and directories and sites.

We do this daily and upward of 20 times per week… equalling a loss of 5 hours per week of searching for salient Project Team data. IDC, Microsoft, and other research suggest the wasted amount of time is 8 or more hours per week per User. Our customers have told us story after story. For example, Jen is working with 6 others on one of her teams, and 2 or more people change file contents but don’t change file names, so messages are sent, emails sent, phone calls made, and people use other people as their “personal search engines” in an effort to find the ‘right version of the truth.’ Instead, with Habla AI, Users can very quickly find the last modified time and date for all files, data sources, file owners, modifying users, duplicate names across all Project Team app and data clouds whether Microsoft or Google or others, and see exactly where the needed knowledge exists folder by folder and file by file in a beautiful and easy to use User Experience.

Demo of this feature