Our Mission is to be the global leader in AI driven team data and collaboration – making our users “superheroes of productivity!”

About Habla AI

Habla AI connects people and their data in context specific project teams to create very productive outcomes. We were founded on the premise that wasting 40% of your workweek does Not have to be the “cost of doing business.” We believe in the power of AI driven team data and collaboration - making our users “superheroes of productivity!”

About the Global Problem

Email. Messages disconnected from context and data. Unproductive work meetings. Lack of automation. Disparate team data silos. Task switching between many collaboration tools all day long. Team data growing and growing. Searching and gathering and working on salient information.

These are the challenges and problems we address and solve at Habla AI.
Come join us. Be a Productivity Superhero.

- Thomas, CEO and Co-Founder

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Meet Our Team

Thomas Knapp Co-Founder and CEO IBM, Peaxy, GraphScience, LinuxSolve, EDS, AMD, MA, MBA San Jose, CA

Kelly Qian Co-Founder and CTO Vuclip, NetShelter, Velti, Oracle, Xerox. Ph.D. Differential Geometry San Jose, CA

Voice of the Customer Advisory Board

George Grellas Avatar

George Grellas Founder and Senior Partner Grellas Shah
(Y-Combinator Startups Attorney)

Jeff Sakaguchi Avatar

Jeff Sakaguchi Director of ACT Holdings, Inc. True Blue, Eccentex University of Pennsylvania

Joon Lee

Joon Lee Owner of DriveClub Garage Founder Iron Axis Stanford University

Mike Kail Avatar

Mike Kail CTO @ Everest.org CIO of Yahoo!, NETFLIX
VP of IT Ops
Iowa State University

Kenton Chow

Kenton Chow COO, RetailNext, CFO @ Wine.com CFO @ Cobalt Networks MBA, Santa Clara University,CPA

Roger Parks Avatar

Roger Parks CIO of JR Simplot CIO of WinCo Foods University of Houston

Habla AI, Inc. Offices

Habla AI Headquarter, USA
North America
1702 Meridian Avenue Unit L, #236
San Jose, CA 95125

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Habla AI Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
South America
El Salvador 5707
Buenos Aires, Argentina C1414BQF

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South Asia
1880 Avenue Building
Quezon Cd, Manila

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