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About Habla AI

Habla AI connects knowledge, data, files, and people globally no matter where you work or what data clouds and tools you use. Progress your Project Team outcomes at new speeds. Gain back project team data transparency. Save time. Save money. Be productive with 10x ROI.

About the Global Problem

As we all know, there is too much information in the world, and the most important thing is saliency of data. We each spend hours and hours per week searching and gathering team files and data needed to collaborate. What do you want to do with your time back today?

Time Spent on Information Tasks. Source: IDC.

Workers on project teams spend 9.5 hours per week searching and another 8.3 hours gathering information across all their tools. We also spend 3 hours per week re-creating content that already exists… dark data we cannot find.

Work Week (40 Hours)
Emails (15 Hours)
Create Documents (14 Hours)
Analyze Information (9.5 Hours)
Search (9.5 Hours)
Edit/Review (9 Hours)
Gather information for documents (8.3 Hours)
File and Organize documents (7 Hours)
Create Presentations (6.8 Hours)
Data entry to eforms (6 Hours)
Create Images (6 Hours)
Manage document approval (4.2 Hours)
Publish to Web (4.1 Hours)
Manage Document Routing (4 Hours)
Publish to other channels (4 Hours)
Create rich media (2.5 Hours)
Translate (1 Hours)

For more information read The High Cost of Not Finding Information. An IDC White Paper →

Meet Our Global Team

Thomas Knapp Co-Founder and CEO IBM, Peaxy, GraphScience, LinuxSolve, EDS, AMD, MA, MBA San Jose, CA

Kelly Qian Co-Founder and CTO Vuclip, NetShelter, Velti, Oracle, Xerox. Ph.D. Differential Geometry San Jose, CA

David Avatar

David Ortega Front End Developer Stensul, Rapp Collins WorldWide, SRP Brand Design Buenos Aires, Argentina

Draco Avatar

Draco Li Software Engineering Intern San Jose, CA

Guillermo Risoli

Guillermo Risoli Automation Engineer and DevOps Datco, Fanbridge, iMaaT, Stensul Buenos Aires, Argentina

Jonatan Avatar

Jonatan Frank API and Data Integrations Developer Electronic Arts, Stensul Buenos Aires, Argentina

Josias Avatar

Josias Schneider AI Knowledge Graph Developer ionatec, Our Cities, ShakaCode Igrejinha, BRAZIL

Xiangyu Avatar

Xiangyu Chen Knowledge Graph Engineer Bachelor in Computer Science San Jose, CA

Voice of the Customer Advisory Board

George Grellas Avatar

George Grellas Founder and Senior Partner Grellas Shah (Y-Combinator Startups Attorney) UCLA

Jeff Sakaguchi Avatar

Jeff Sakaguchi Director of ACT Holdings, Inc. True Blue, Eccentex University of Pennsylvania

Joon Lee

Joon Lee Owner of DriveClub Garage Founder Iron Axis Stanford University

Mike Kail Avatar

Mike Kail CTO @ CIO of Yahoo!, NETFLIX, VP of IT Ops Iowa State University

Robert Barrios Avatar

Robert Barrios SVP E&J Gallo Oracle CSU Polytechnic Pomona

Roger Parks Avatar

Roger Parks CIO of JR Simplot CIO of WinCo Foods University of Houston

Steve Weinstein

Steve Weinstein CEO of Hoversurf Priceline, Flex, Motorola University of Southern California

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