Bring Order to File Chaos.

Visualize your Data and Files

Build Knowledge Graphs of your Team Information

Knowledge-Driven Project Teams

Habla AI is a platform where any Project Team can turn file anxiety and chaos into highly collaborative workflows, to find and act on important team information on-demand. Anywhere. Anytime. Save Time. Money. High ROI. Happy Users.

Powerful Project Teams that are Data-Driven

Empower Project Team based Knowledge Management

How much time do you spend using others as your ‘personal search engine?’ How many conference calls or meetings or emails or slack messages do you have to send to find that one file your team needs?? ... Read More

Conduct 1-Click Video Calls and Threaded Chat for Project Teams & 1:1

How many times have you wanted to take data-driven decisions as a Project Team discussing them in real-time context of the data?? ... Read More

Maintain “one version of the truth” for Global Project Team Data, Files, & Team Members

How many times have you worked on files with 2 or 3 other co-workers, only to find out that you all made changes to documents but did NOT change the file name and saved them in different folders or directories?? ... Read More

Smart Search with Exact Match Find data and information fast across all your Project Team Storage Clouds

Integrate all your Storage Cloud Files

How much time do you spend context switching and going between many apps and tools in your business each workday? We have built proprietary data integrations for all the business apps and tools you use every workday such as OneDrive, Box, DropBox, Salesforce, GoogleDrive ... Read More

Perform AI Powered Smart Search with Exact Match of All Files

How many hours per week or month do you spend looking for the right files across all your enterprise apps and tools?? HAI Smart Search is the next generation of Search for businesses based upon our proprietary Smart Search™ engine with Exact Match™ technology ... Read More

Perform Advanced Data Filtering and Sorting

How many times have you had 2 or more colleagues work on files only to save them with the same file name in multiple directories or folders and then not be able to find the ‘right version of the truth’? With Habla AI, you can filter by User, file or document owner, last modified ... Read More

Corporate Knowledge Graphs Visualize Data, Link to Data, Graph the Data you Need

Build Knowledge Graphs

How would you like to visualize and manipulate ALL your corporate data on one Enterprise Knowledge Cloud platform easily instead of long lists of files in each and every tool you use? Corporate Knowledge Graphs are the sister to Habla AI Smart Search™. Visualizing the actual data you need with co-workers regardless ... Read More

Create Time Activity and Smart List Views

How would you like to see your corporate data in a clear and beautiful and easy to understand User Experience that your Users love? We at Habla AI have listened to all our customers, and we built our first Knowledge Graphs with Time-Activity and Smart List views. Toggle easily between the two Graph views and find your Project ... Read More

Build Industry Knowledge Graphs

How would you like to automate the Knowledge Graphing of your Manufacturing Industry Uptime and Downtime historical data and provide predictive analytics to your Project Teams with Uptime/Downtime probabilities roadmapped out for them? How often do you manually collect and distribute these manufacturing ... Read More