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The CKG is at the heart of our Knowledge Management Platform. Think statistical graphs. X axis. Y axis. Scatter Plots, Time Series. Radar Graphs. @ Habla AI, we have Time-Activity Knowledge ... Read More

Industry Knowledge Graphs

Much like the Functional Knowledge Graphs from Habla AI, we also have Manufacturing, CPG, Retail, and Electronics industry Knowledge Graphs that are based upon Use Cases from companies in these industries ... Read More

Smart Search™

HAI Smart Search is the next generation of Search for businesses based upon our proprietary algorithms. Take the guessing out of finding “dark data” within your enterprise – whether a small business with 20 employees ... Read More

Data Integrations

Through proprietary data integrations APIs, Habla AI is able to integrate User data from the most commonly used business apps and tools from Microsoft, Box, Google, Salesforce, Slack, Atlassian, Github, IBM, and others ... Read More

Advanced Data Filtering

With Habla AI, you can filter by User, file or document owner, last modified by, data integrations, file types, Team Rooms, Teams, and much more based upon our proprietary algorithms. Search and Knowledge Graphing ... Read More

Project Team Based Knowledge Management

Your Subscriber Organization can create Teams and Team Rooms specifically focused on Projects such as Product Design, Finance & Accounting fiscal close, Sales Productivity or complex deals, Marketing programs, IT projects, and more within the Industries of ... Read More

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Current available Data Integrations includes Google Drive, G Suite, Box, Sharepoint, OneDrive, Office365, Salesforce and Dropbox.