AI Powered Knowledge Management for Business Teams | Reach Deep into Enterprise Dark Data to Convert Data into Assets. | Gain back up to 8 Hours per Week per Knowledge Worker. | Find relevant information in minutes instead of searching for hours for the right file from 2 days, weeks or months ago you and your team built. | Initiate Self-funding projects and Do More with Less. | Build & Interact Graphically with Salient Data from Individual and Team Knowledge Graphs – On Demand - 24/7.

AI & Human Hand

AI Powered Knowledge Management for Business Teams, the Habla AI CKG™ and Third-Party App and Service Integrations

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* Current and future 3rd party integrations in Bronze, Silver, and Gold Offerings.

AI Powered Knowledge Management for Business Teams. As you know, there is too much information in the world, and the most important thing is saliency of data. Spend minutes finding the right data instead of searching folders for hours.

We graph business & tech data and visualize the most relevant pieces to users, giving them back 8 hours per workweek. Our client results show 4,000% ROI and self-funding projects.

This is done through the Habla AI SaaS Platform and Corporate Knowledge Graph (CKG™), using proprietary contextual, semantic, and cognitive AI architectures and machine learning algorithms coupled with Voice of the Customer beautifully designed iOS, Android, and Web enterprise—class apps. The apps are free. The Habla AI SaaS Platform and CKG is subscription based. Your Personal and Business Team Knowledge Graph - Open 24/7.

The Data Problem

According to IDC, McKinsey & Company, and Microsoft --- knowledge workers waste 32 hours per month searching for the relevant data they need to collaborate. Making matters even worse, Knowledge Workers create 7.5 septillian gigabytes of unstructured data EVERY DAY! 50% of it is “Dark Data.” 14% of it is needed or critical. 30+% of it is obsolete or redundant.

How Habla AI Works

We know that people will work in the technology platforms that work best for their individual and team styles; however, this leads to information sprawl for an organization, with information siloes inside of a plurality of tools, services, and storage locations.

That is why we built Habla AI to enable users to work in the tools of their choice while still making their information available and visible to the organization.

Using a robust integration layer, Habla can go where the data are and harvest Enterprise Corpus of Knowledge using a variety of AI and Machine Learning technologies to construct our Corporate Knowledge Graph (CKG™). The CKG™ is a semantic representation of an organization’s people and their collective knowledge, stored in a high-dimension graph.

This graph is updated in near-real-time as users interact through Habla AI, so that not only is the knowledge available, the contexts within how users interact with these data are also captured. This aids in identifying communities of expertise for the various topics and classifications of knowledge while also preserving the lineage of knowledge elements indexed by Habla AI. Users benefit from this meta-knowledge during semantic search and group interactions where Habla AI surfaces relevant knowledge elements through natural language processing (NLP) indexing and retrieval of information most closely related to the Habla AI session.

Habla AI Features **

Corporate Knowledge Graph – Habla AI CKG™ and Relationship Heat Maps

Habla AI Smart Search™

Unprecedented User Meta data and data ingestion and graphing OnDemand 24/7

Contextual Indexing, Search, and Retrieval

Semantic Indexing, Search, and Retrieval

Sentiment Analysis of Threaded Conversations (and voice to text on roadmap)

Threaded Conversations within Knowledge Graphs and Smart Search

Persistent Data Paths for DAUs

Internal / External File Sharing

Enterprise Structure Subscriber Organizations, Teams, Team Rooms, and Team Members

Information and Knowledge Redaction, Tokenization, Security, Privacy, Security, Storage, and Visualization

Configurable Notifications for web, mobile, & desktop

Data Integrations of all your Favorite Enterprise Apps and Tools - Ex: Box, Office365, Sharepoint, OneDrive, Salesforce, Slack, G-Suite and more

2-Factor Auth, Google OAuth

SSO, Active Dir sync, OneLogin, Okta, Pin

And more to come

** Current and future product features.