A workplace where project teams bring order to team data and collaboration chaos.
Information is always available at your fingertips for any work you do.

AI Driven Project Teams

Collaboration happens inside Orgs and Project Teams - with data and people at your fingertips. AI built SmartChatâ„¢ and keyphrase extraction for smarter work.

Direct Messages

AI Driven Team Data

We cover all the common cloud services - our data connectors cover 1.6 billion people globally. Connect team data with people - no matter where you are. AI built information extraction.

Data Integrations

Global Smart Search™

Search, find, share, act, and work on team data anywhere, anytime. Filter, sort, and control the team data you and your team work on with advanced controls and data governance. With Exact Match™

Knowledge Graphs

Business Built Collaboration

With over 40 valuable features missing in ms teams and slack, we give your teams power to be Superheroes of Productivity. Advanced chat. 1-click video and voice.

Video Calls